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We build our reputation on Quality, not Attitude
At Samhell Choppers, you do not pay for the Hollywood premium.

Frames - Priced on Request
Fabrication - $50/hr
Machine Work - $50/hr
Welding - $50/hr
Assembly - $40/hr

Frames - require 50% deposit to start and balance paid prior to shipment

Complete/Partial Builds - require 50% deposit to start and then billed
per 40 hours of completed work.

Projects with a material cost of $50 and under is POD, otherwise material cost due up front.

Re-Work - We will fix anything that breaks or is defective or not
done to your supplied specs. If they fit your specs and it turns out you are
dissatisfied, We will make changes, but the hourly rate still applies. Since we
are appointment only, the time to make your dissatisfaction known is before final
delivery of the product. If you wait until after it has left the shop it will fall
to the back of the line. This is to avoid inconveniencing customers with set appointments.
This does not apply to errors on our part. Those will be made priority and fixed accordingly.

Custom Fabrication - Estimates are rarely given for custom one-off fabrication.
This is because custom work is simply that, CUSTOM. If it has never been done by us or
we have no specs to work with, there will be more time and material spent. Which in turn
means more money.
If this is an issue you are not comfortable with, we understand, but is the nature of the business.


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